We build boats /

We build boats /

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We build boats

- with the best materials

- with high-quality technical equipment

- with the support of acknowledged specialists

- with an enthusiastic team

- and with a lot of love.

Our hard work realises

our ambitions

Therefore, we can realise

your dream


Kaloyan Radulov
General Manager, Head of Sales and co-owner

Pavel Gochev
Production manager

Michal Jakusz
Head of Engineering and Design

CNC milling manager

Mateusz Stepien
Mould building manager


Boyan Yordanov
purchasing manager




Even large ones. To get a mould, you need a plug. We can make your plug, based on your technical drawings. Plugs can be supplied in different stages, whether or not finished to take a mould of it. Transport is possible, by water or land transport.

The moulds

We make


We make the perfect mould as well from a complete boat as from small parts. The moulds ELICA YARD deliver are usable for infusion.



If you want to build yourself in positive, we can deliver parts, for instance, CNC cut stations for positive building, according to your plans.



- lamination planning

- sandwich structure

- carbon fiber


- epoxy resin, vinylester, polyester

- vacuum infusion


A One-off

We can build one-offs in positive building, using vacuum infusion. This method doesn't require a mould.


The shipyard

is situated on the bank of the Danube river. ELICA YARD is a part of ELICA Group – a successful and modern local family company. The mother company ELICA has worldwide recognition in designing industrial equipment.

Equipment /

Two pieces of

7-axis KUKA

robots on rails for cutting plugs




A 2 by 2-meter


infusion and compression table

Following your lamination plan we will make the highest-class epoxy, vinylester or polyester light sandwich plates between 4.5m - 12.5 m, for bulkheads, decks or floors. Fully installed, based on the knowledge of vacuum infusion specialisation. We can apply gelcoat on both sides.

A newly installed

furniture division

specialised in ultralight sandwich furniture using high-quality wood veneer (according to the customer’s choice).

And last but not least

the Team

excellent and hard-working specialists and workers, to realise our projects and those for third parties.

Join our team


Take a look at our latest models

What can we do for you?

Share with us your vision!


Kaloyan Radulov
General Manager, Head of Sales and co-owner

+359 899 943 497

Boyan Yordanov
Purchasing manager

+359 894 474 014

Vesile angelova
Head of Administration

+359 897 622 514
You can always contact us by email or via the contact form. You can expect our answer at the soonest! If you send us an email at info@elica-yard.com, don’t forget to mention your name, phone number and place & country of residence.

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    Do you want to build yachts with our energetic international team? Send a CV and tell us more about your experience!

    Engineer Designer

    Silistra, Bulgaria

    Job Description
    - Development of 3D models and drawings of yacht elements
    - 2D technical drawings for manufacturing and assembly of various products (composite, metal, wood etc.)
    - creation of 3D models of matrices and matrices from composite elements
    - cooperation with other departments of the company
    Required skills
    - Basic knowledge of 3D modeling software such as: Rhino, Creo, Catia, Inventor, NX, SolidWorks.
    - Higher technical education
    - Mechanical Engineering, Marine Engineering or other appropriate (completed or in process of completion)
    - Teamwork, communication and flexibility skills
    - Good organization of work
    - Proficiency in English at a communicative level
    What we offer
    - Opportunity for performance and professional development
    - Excellent working environment
    - working in a young and motivated team
    - Company trainings
    - Vouchers for food and other social benefits

    Machine operator

    Silistra, Bulgaria

    Job Description
    - Settings of modes and processing tools and aggregates of industrial robots
    - Exercising control in the process of their work in accordance with the production technology, the parameters of the robots and the qualities of the processed materials
    - Selecting a mode and setting up the robots according to the established technology
    - Selection, preparation and adjustment of processing, control-measuring and transport instruments, elements and mechanisms
    - Maintaining and updating the configuration and execution software
    - Preparation, regulation and adjustment of the transport, feeding and removal mechanisms and devices for feeding the blanks and for removing the finished parts
    - Periodic cleaning of the robot and its adjacent areas, control of working and lubricating fluids
    - Control of the machine in manual and automatic mode
    - Reading drawings

    Required skills
    - Minimum secondary technical education
    - Previous experience with CNC milling machines will be considered an advantage
    - Experience with SprutCAM or other CAM software would be an advantage
    - Built teamwork skills
    - A positive personality with a desire for professional improvement
    - Skills for structuring tasks and creating priorities
    - Responsibility, loyalty, initiative, communication
    What we offer
    - Permanent full-time employment contract
    - Work in a team of specialists
    - Training and professional realization
    - Food vouchers etc. benefits

    GRP Laminator (Glass Reinforced Plastic)

    Silistra, Bulgaria

    Job Description
    -responsible for the construction and fabrication of GRP components, such as boat hulls, panels, and other composite structures
    -works with fiberglass materials, resins and molds to create high quality end products. Work involves a combination of manual labor, technical skill and attention to detail.
    - Reading drawings of medium complexity, handling the necessary tools
    - Responsible for the quality and timely execution of technological operations
    - Cleaning of machines and work areas
    - If necessary, perform other tasks assigned in connection with the performance of the work
    Required skills
    - Previous experience as a fiberglass laminator or in a similar position is an asset
    -skills in using hand tools, power tools and equipment
    -knowledge of different types of fiberglass materials, resins and curing processes is an asset
    -аbility to work accurately and maintain high quality standards
    -following safety guidelines and using personal protective equipment (PPE) to ensure a safe work environment
    -аbility to work effectively as part of a team, collaborating with other laminators, supervisors and co-workers
    -readiness to learn and adapt to new techniques, materials or processes as needed
    What we offer
    - Opportunity for performance and professional development
    - Excellent working environment
    - working in a young and motivated team
    - Company trainings
    - Vouchers for food and other social benefits

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